About us

We live lives of levity, humour, originality and also responsibility, and we endeavour to secure total professionalism in the fields we work in. We are enthusiastic, passionate and devoted to the ideas we present to the outside. We have a deep relationship to nature and its beauty, and to human activities which are in harmony with nature. And our wine is like that too.

Organic, in harmony with the soil, plants, animals and people.
Dynamic , seeking out new ways and opportunities to ensure highest quality.
Witty, always playful, discovering.

Dog in Dock wines have been available on the market since 2018, we have had a summer full of tastings at the castle orangery in Veselí nad Moravou and you can encounter us with our wines at events across the Czech Republic.

What we’re planning

The objective of our project is to build up a modern cultural and educational winemaking site combining educational, representational and tasting venues including amenities with leisure utilisation.


Construction of new site | Wine production


Restaurant | Accommodation