Declaration on the use of cookies

Like many other websites, we use so-called “cookies”, which help us to acquire and store information on visitors to our website. Cookies are files in which visited websites store information, e.g. on websites visited, or information on your profile. You can prohibit the storing of cookies in your browser’s settings. Bear in mind that if you change your cookie settings, we cannot guarantee you that all functions will continue to operate correctly. Some functions may be lost.

A cookie is a text string of information which the web server stores in your browser file in your computer’s hard disk so that the server can remember who you are.

Cookies contain, e.g., the name of the domain from which the particular cookie file comes from, a “lifetime” and cookie value, which is generally a randomly generated unique number.

You can control cookie files in the settings of your web browser. You can find further information on functions in your browser’s guide or help section. In Internet Explorer, for example, you can find this at Tools/Internet Options/Security and Privacy tabs, and adjust your browser settings here so they correspond to your requirements. If you use different computers at different places, this setting will have to be adjusted for each individual computer.

Some newer browsers have a function for analysing personal data processing principles, and allow users to set up their security. This option is marked “P3P” (Privacy Preferences Platform).

You can also delete any cookie files installed in your computer’s cookie folder at any time.